Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Finally -- Some Quilting and Knitting

Recently, it seems like this blog has been mostly about "Other Fun Stuff." But there has been some quilting and knitting going on.....just nothing finished. I have an Ishbel shawl on the needles (going much faster now that I'm on the lace portion -- maybe the stockinette bored me?). And a small quilt (cat size). I'm sewing the rows together now, so it's also moving along a little more quickly than before.

In the month of July, I only finished 2.5 of my 5 planned knitting projects. So of course, I added two more for August...gotta set that bar high! One of these months/years I might finish 5 in a month.

Finally, a picture of my favorite summer breakfast -- a cucumber bagel (with ranch dressing). So good.

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Karen said...

Well, I think summer is the time for more focus on "Other Fun Stuff". We shouldn't feel guilty if our crafts get a little less time. The cold winter months are better for crafting. :) Love your projects!!