Thursday, September 3, 2009

Return of the Quilting Mojo

I haven't been doing much quilting recently. This year I think I've only sewn bindings on two previously quilted baby quilts. Not good. But I saw something I really liked on the Moda Bake Shop blog and that got me going again. The idea is to take a 9-patch, cut it down the middle both vertically and horizontally, then rearrange the four smaller squares into a bigger one. I have plenty of bits and pieces of fabric -- so why not?

My quilt has 9 big squares, so I needed 81 small squares to start with. I went with 9 squares of 9 fabrics -- no duplicates in the 9-patches. Here's one of the finished 9-patches. Really ugly, I think (and the bad lighting doesn't help).

But after I chopped them up, reassembled them, and added a sashing -- I really like the finished look.

Having said that, I did try two new techniques -- quilt as you go blocks and free motion quilting. I like both of these concepts -- my execution just leaves a lot to be desired. More practice needed, I guess.

And why didn't the gray chalk marker wash out? My white and yellow ones always have......but those gray lines look like pencil lines....after two washings. Oh well, the Little A won't mind -- this quilt will be her fireplace blanky. At ~40x40 inches, it's too small for much else.

I'll definitely make another of these......hopefully the quilting mojo will be around for awhile.

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