Saturday, March 13, 2010

Ravelympics - Second Medal

The second project I finished for the Ravelympics was a pair of Andrea's Mitts. I really like wearing fingerless gloves -- and these are quite attractive, with the lacy cuff and picot bindoff.

They're knit in Reynold Wash Day Wool - machine washable and dryable. I finished them during the Ravelympics, but didn't get around to washing/drying them till now. That made a huge difference in the finished look (in a good way).

I did tweak the pattern to make three-row stripes (instead of two) to correspond with the rate of increases for the thumb. Just to make it easier -- don't want to use up too many brain cells. Here's a different view of the striping.

Now it's time to make the matching shawl. I already made one once -- but ran out of yarn and frogged the whole thing.

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