Monday, March 1, 2010

Strike Three -- You're Out

Before posting about my Ravelympic successes......I need to reveal what didn't go as planned. [And yes, I always like to hear the bad news before the good news.]

The original plan was to make a shawl using this yarn. A nice bright and cheerful mildly variegated fingering weight yarn. Who ever would've thought it would be so hard to find a suitable pattern.

My first attempt was a Damson. A very popular pattern with a garter-stitch top portion. I was motoring right along when I realized I don't like seeing color changes on the garter-stitch bumps.

So I tried Bitterroot. That was going well, but then I realized I didn't like top/beginning part -- what I liked was the bottom of the shawl. I considered switching the top to stockinette and just using the charts starting with D (skipping A-C), but that would've taken time to think it through because I didn't want a large shawl. With the closing ceremonies looming, there was no time for that (though I will do it as some point).

After some Ravelry searching, I decided to try Sagano. I did like the way that looked in the variegated yarn, but I knew this one would take too long to finish. Plus, I have to think about why the visual angle of the stitches is so different on the left/right sides of the shawl. Kind of like color changes on garter stitch bumps -- weird things like that bother me.

So that was three strikes -- and the idea of completing a shawl in that yarn for the Ravelympics was out. The yarn is back in its bin -- minus a couple yards that were a little worse for wear with all the ripping out. Fortunately, I had a plan B.

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Lisa said...

have you considered milkweed or forest canopy? I think either would look lovely in this yarn!