Thursday, April 29, 2010

A New Skill

Is there a skill related to your hobby that you hope to learn one day? maybe you’re a crocheter who’d also like to knit? Maybe you’d like to learn to knit continental, knit backwards, try cables or attempt stranded colourwork.
This is an easy one. First a clue.

You guessed it. The skill I want to learn is spinning. In fact, I'm taking my first ever spinning class at Webs this weekend. I've got all my supplies packed and ready to go. It's probably not a good idea to take this class and then, just a couple weeks later, go to the MA Sheep and Wool Fair. I just know I'll be tempted by all the fiber.

1 comment:

Karen said...

Oh yeah, spinning!!! I want to spin too!!! I want to, but I'm kind of scared too - because do I really have time for ANOTHER addiction?

And now I also want to go to MA Sheep and Wool!!!