Sunday, August 22, 2010

Too Many WIPs

I really try to control my works in progress and not have too many projects ongoing simultaneously. But I'm not doing well right now. The reason is the 4 ounce challenge. That's spinning 4 ounces of yarn, designing and publishing a pattern to use the yarn, then knitting the project using the spun yarn (not necessarily in that order). I'm knitting my prototypes now. This might seem easy......but it's harder than you might think!

The blue in the middle and green above it are my prototypes (notice how the green has already been frogged at least once). The other projects (blue at the bottom and gray) are just two projects I've been working on, but that have been languishing. That's TOO many projects for me. The interesting part is that I'm using straight, double-pointed, and circular needles. It just depends on the project.

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