Wednesday, September 8, 2010


In addition to drowning in a sea of ripe tomatoes and working, I'm trying to get my act together sufficiently to enter the "4 ounce Challenge." That is, buy 4 ounces of fiber (from one of three vendors), spin it into yarn, design a project, knit the project up, then publish the pattern. By 30 Sep. I started with two ideas -- a shawl and a hat -- and starting knitting prototypes for each. The shawl really came out well. The hat, not so much. I'm still working on that -- what's in my mind's eye is not translating to my brain and fingers!!

Of course, now that I have the prototype shawl done, I don't know if I can really spin enough yarn from the 4 ounces of fiber. My prototype is only 3.4 ounces, so (in theory) it can be done. My spinning skills just might fall short. But we'll see!

Here's the shawl -- knit in Classic Elite Alpaca Sox. It is just so soft and fuzzy. If nothing else, it'll count towards the 10 in 2010 challenge.

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