Sunday, June 5, 2011

Strolling of the Lambs

Yesterday was the Strolling of the Lambs at Foxfire Fibers (at Springdelle Farm) in Shelburne, MA for members of the Foxfire Fibers sheep shares club. This year, there were 13 new lambs born into the flock and club members got to meet and greet both new and old friends. The weather was perfect and lots of sheep share members were able to take advantage of the invitation.

Our fiber flower pins served not only as name tags, but also as shawl pins.

Barb led the parade of sheep...

with Crackerjack, the lambs' guard llama, following closely behind (that's Holly with Crackerjack).

Notice the sheep/lamb's coordinating lariats -- matching everyone's pins. Yes, that it Mistral, last year's bottle-fed lamb who still thinks she's the family pet!

Even Crackerjack was looking debonair with his bow tie.

Nom, nom, nom -- the grass in this field was clearly delicious.

Butch and Gypsy, the goats came out for their photo ops (this is Gypsy - I hope), courtesy of Mike.
And finally, Caitlin and Sol, together in the field, checking out the action. They guard the older ewes. I love the story of how Sol, the rescue llama, came to the farm. He's still very skittish around humans, but seems to have found friends in Caitlin and "his" sheep.

Though not a great picture, this is one of my favorites....Crackerjack in the foreground, with Sol watching very curiously in the background.

It was such a fun day -- we're already looking forward to the fall open house.


Michelle said...

Fun! Maybe next year I can get in on some of the fiber fun.

Barbara Parry said...

Great pics! I love the one of Caitlyn and Sol.

So glad you could join us! Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Looks like it was a wonderful day! I hope to make it to the fall visit.