Thursday, November 10, 2011


Blogging has been difficult for the past two weeks.  We didn't have power from Saturday through Thursday after the big October snowstorm (Snowtober).  It really wasn't all that much snow -- just snow on the leaves still on the trees that took down the trees.  Fortunately, no utility lines or big trees came down in our yard -- just lots and lots of branches.  Once the power came back, out internet was intermittent - on and off (mostly off).  Numerous phone calls, two modems, and one technician visit later, we're crossing our fingers that we're back on line for good (there's nothing worse than an intermittent problem that has no apparent cause.....).  Along with that, our two cats got sick, each with an infection requiring daily antibiotics.  We knew about the sinus infection, but who knew cats could get conjunctivitis? 

Now the big challenge is what to do with all the brush?  It's all stacked up on the our town, it's the homeowner's responsibility to dispose of all yard debris, including grass, leaves, branches, etc.  And it can't be in the trash.  So what to do?  We already have about a dozen compost bins that are full.

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