Sunday, March 4, 2012


Sometimes I wonder if I'm frugal or just cheap.  I love saving money and bargains.  Coupons, sales, off-price stores.  Actually, I don't like shopping at all and only go when I NEED something -- and, if at all possible -- it's on sale.  So the idea of making something that allows me to avoid shopping - bonus!

I saw a pin on pinterest about making your own liquid soap.  That's something we use -- and this seemed like it could serve a dual purpose as a body wash -- something else we really use.

I tried to find the recommended bar soap locally, but no luck, so ended up ordering it online, along with the glycerin.

Following the instructions, I grated the soap, then mixed it with the glycerin and melted it in a gallon of water.

At that point it looked like clean dishwater.

After sitting overnight it really thickened up (almost like gelatin) - so much so that I used the electric hand mixer to loosen the mixture up, obtaining the consistency of a really thick liquid soap.

 The yield?  A gallon of liquid soap.  The price?  About $5.25 (soap plus a little glycerin).

Does it work?  Yes.  It doesn't suds up as much as traditional body wash.  And the lavender scent is very subtle.  Will I try it again?  Yes.  Next time with the basil soap.

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