Friday, May 30, 2014

Outfit Along

Hoping to get some inspiration, I joined this summer's Outfit Along (OAL).  For more information, check these blogs.  Andi Satterlund or lladybird.  The goal is to both sew a dress/skirt/whatever and knit a sweater/whatever -- that together will form an outfit.  There is a recommended dress and cardigan -- but the "rules" are flexible and participants can choose patterns that best suit themselves.

I went stash diving (and that's deep sea diving) and came up with three possible combinations (there are more, but no need to make this too hard).

There are two different pink fabrics in the bottom picture - one a solid, the other a subtle stripe.  Note how two of the yarn choices are even swatched.....that's impressive.

Right now, the blue/yellow floral with blue cardigan is in the lead.  Hmmmm.  Maybe I should try the cream swatch with the blue/yellow fabric......  Decisions, decisions.

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