Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Outfit Along - Progress?

Making clothing is a slow process.....requiring some prep work (much like painting).

Since I need to adjust all sweater patterns to better fit me, I decided to start with the Myrna sweater (outfit along recommended sweater) -- the stockinette allows for easier modifications -- using a cotton blend yarn that should be suitable for summer wear.  And here's where I am now.  Unfortunately, when taking the picture, I saw a mistake two rows back, so I'm in for a some ripping before moving forward.

The dress has been my real focus.  I settled on the pattern and fabric and I finally cut it out.....after three muslin attempts.  Sewn clothing can be even less forgiving than knitted clothing.  The final breakthrough was realizing that changing the length of the bodice would help solve some problems.  Thinking outside the box does help.  So now it's on to the real sewing part.

Here's one of the muslins.  Sewn with the skirt inside out.  Woops.

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