Monday, August 4, 2014

Sew Inspired - New Look 6871

Participating in the recent Outfit Along (more on that later) has really inspired me to sew more.  And I've added so many sewing related blogs to my feed for further inspiration.

Yesterday I finished a new summer cotton top using New Look 6871, view D in the shorter length using just a single fabric.  This was the second time I've used this pattern.

Fabric:  Very old fabric from my stash of unknown origin - a quilting cotton.  It was quite faded at the fold lines, so I had to seam the fronts and backs to hide that.  And there wasn't quite enough fabric, so I pieced and seamed the facings and used a contrasting fabric for the bias armhole bindings.

Size:  14 for the yoke, 16 for the body starting at the underarm.

Construction changes:  Instead of gathers on the front/back, I used gentle pleats -- 4 on the front, 6 on the back.  No interfacing.  I used this tutorial for the armhole bindings.

What would I do differently next time?  1) Cut a size 14 at the underarm, grading to a 16 at the hem.  2) Use a lighter weight fabric and/or lighter weight facing fabric (both yoke and armhole).  Otherwise it's quite cool and comfortable for a hot summer day.

Finished Top (yes, I did iron it)

Front Pleats

Contrasting Seam Binding (matches the thread better than the main fabric)

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