Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Re-establishing a Rhythm

After finishing tax season, it takes a couple weeks to re-establish my routine and actually get things done.  But I might finally be there.

We'd moved the bird feeders to a tree on our patio for better bird-watching....but they were trashing the tree and patio.  So we moved them to a slightly different, but still visible spot.  And started to vac the patio.  Yes, it looks ridiculous to vacuum the patio, but we needed to clean up all the discarded seeds and empty hulls tossed around.  Just a bit of daily maintenance, including washing out the bird bath, makes all the difference.

I can't get a good picture, but a rose-breasted grosbeak has arrived on scene.  Very handsome.  And while it was exciting to see a big hawk -- the fact that he caught a dove was rather unpleasant -- especially cleaning up all the feathers left behind.

The spring flowers are popping out everywhere.

And I found a sweater pattern that just spoke to me.  It's Auster from the latest edition of the Twist Collective. I'm converting it to a vest because I don't like heavy sleeves.  It's not often that I see something and want to make it immediately.

Yes, I'm knitting it on straight needles.  I don't understand the disdain that's shown to people who use straight versus circular needles.  It's as if we're some sort of lesser knitters.  People -- get over yourselves.  There are real problems in this world -- and that's not one of them.

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