Thursday, June 25, 2015

Wearable Muslins

I read a lot of sewing blogs....and it's amazing seeing all the different outfits people make.

I saw two patterns that looked like they'd fit into my mostly casual wardrobe -- by a company I'd never heard of - Jalie.  So I ordered two and made one of each as a trial to check the sizing and see if I could use the cover stitch on my (older model) serger.

First was a dolman sleeved knit top (Jalie 3352) -- using some fabric I had on hand.  I cut what I thought would be a good size -- with sleeves -- and used a twin needles for hemming.  It's cute -- and looks like the pictures.  But it's really too big (especially in the shoulder/underarm area), too long (by 2-3 inches), and the doubleneedle just didn't provide sufficient stretch.  It's wearable -- as an oversized top.  But I'm going to try again with a sleeveless version and adjust the size/length.

Next up was a racerback tank (Jalie 3245) -- again using fabric I had on hand.  I cut the same size as the dolman sleeved top -- and had to cut off one inch at each size at the underarm-- for a total of 4 inches (I have to admit that I just serged the excess off - blending into the original seam line a few inches down).  This time I used my coverstitch and it worked out fairly well.  I couldn't stitch over serged seams neatly -- but the stitching looked great on the flat hems, around the arms and neckline.  And after reading a few tips online for starting and ending each seam -- the results really look professional.

I didn't use any binding, but simply stitched the hems down.

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