Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Dribs and Drabs

I made another bonnet -- this one size 6-9 months.  The outer fabric and visor lining were cut from a single fat quarter, the rest from leftovers.  Instead of making the pleat after sewing the bonnet, I added a quarter inch pleat in both shell and lining during construction.  It cut down on the bulk. These are just so cute. I need to make one in the other three sizes -- I'll have a set of five.

Today we played Tom Sawyer -- painting boards in preparation for fence repairs at the community garden.  There are always so many things to be done at the garden. Weeding, trimming, etc. A never ending to-do list.

And I bought myself a present -- a 100 percent wool Zwartbles travel blanket (shepherded by the one and only cat shepherd Bodacious) - direct from Ireland.  It's so dense and soft....I'm looking forward to the cooler weather when I can really use it.

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