Saturday, May 24, 2008

BMom - Small Town Woman of Mystery

I've discovered I really enjoy mystery knit-a-longs (KALs). Where you don't know what the finished project will look like till you're done. I finished the Mystic Light shawl just a little while ago.
Now I'm working on the Slow Bee shawl -- which really isn't so slow. Due to late needle arrival, I'm already a clue behind. But I do like the way it looks so far. I got natural colored yarn with the idea of maybe dyeing it if I see another color that appeals to me more (after admiring other knitter's photos on Ravelry or the Yahoo group). Picking yarn is always a challenge with a mystery; sometimes the yarn just doesn't go with the pattern. But here it is after the clue 1.

The Mystic Meadows stole starts 2 Jun. So far, I've just done the swatch. The yarn is royal blue -- I think this meadow must be in TX when the bluebonnets are out in April.

And finally, the Goddess Knits Anniversary shawl starts 14 Jun. Good thing I found a weekend yarn sale to get some lace weight for it. What color? Pewter? Apricot? Light Green? Arrowhead (kind of light brown)? Decisions, decisions.

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cpurl17 said...

Oh wow! That's beautiful!!