Thursday, July 10, 2008

Crazy or Planning Ahead?

Is knitting wool shawls when it's 90+ degrees with oppressively high humidity crazy or good planning? After all, cool fall and cold winter days will be here before we know it -- especially for those us of who are slllllloooooowwwww knitters. I'm going with the good planning. However, most people would say doing three lace shawl knit-alongs simultaneously is on the insane side of crazy. Oh well.

Mystic Meadows is done knitting-wise. It's soaking right now in preparation for blocking; I just wish the blocking wires had come -- now I have to block it the hard way with pins (because I want to wear it to a concert this weekend). Blocking will remove the lumps, bumps, and make it look good -- I hope it hides the mistakes too!

Slow Bee is progressing slowly. At 500+ stitches per row, it takes a while to see any progress. After looking at pictures from some of the faster knitters -- this is going to be quite large when finished. I've started looking at dye colors for this -- maybe gun metal gray or black??

And finally, clue 1 of the Goddess Knits Anniversary Mystery Shawl is done and even looks good (if I do say so myself). This is a circular shawl and we have four alternatives for each of the four major clues; one of the benefits of being slow is that I can see how others come out before I choose. This is alpaca yarn -- it's so soft and the cats just love it.


Artur said...

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Casey said...

WOW. Those are pretty. The last one looks like it was stolen from an old European church! Great job.

And yes, fall is coming :) Yay! Three more months and it'll be October!