Saturday, July 10, 2010


The weather outside has been frightful. Not cold and snowy, but hot-hot-hot and humid. Knitting and spinning isn't all that much fun when the fiber felts in your (sweaty, sticky) hands. But it could be worse -- we just had the house resided and the crew had to work outside, all day. I just had to watch. And that was hot enough for me.

One thing that thrives in this weather is our community garden. Holey moley -- it seemed to spring up overnight. With work and the siding project, I didn't go over for a couple days (b-dad ably handled the watering on his own), but when I did, everything had gotten huge.....and we picked our first zucchini, cucumbers, and swiss chard of the season. There's nothing like it. I hope the weather cools off enough to bake some zucchini muffins/bread.

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